The HVILINA Star Chronicle collection is inspired by Belarusian myths and legends about the Moon and the Sun, and our ancestors’ perception of celestial mechanics. Many of these legends are so ancient that they predate the advent of writing. They were preserved by being passed down mouth-to-mouth to through many generations.

To date, little information on this topic is publicly available. The legends are scattered across many corners of our country, and many, unfortunately, have been lost. However, those that have survived were collected by the HVILINA team with the help of Irina Klimkovich - a journalist and publicist, former employee of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, and co-author of the encyclopedic dictionary "Belarusian Mythology."

As a visual representation of the Moon and Sun on the dial, the HVILINA designers developed a stylization of Francysk Skaryna’s original coat of arms from the 16th century. The collection is presented in men’s mechanical and women's quartz models. More detailed information about the collection and some legends can be found in the descriptions of the models. The complete summary on the myths and legends will be published later, in a separate article on our website.


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