La Promenade

Marc Chagall said, "If I create from the heart, almost everything works; if from the head, then almost nothing."

The La Promenade collection is dedicated to the theme of love reflected in three paintings by the world's most famous avant-garde painter – Marc Chagall. The triptych consists of the works: "Double Portrait with a Glass of Wine", "Walk" and "Over the Town". The painter's works are very autobiographical, and this series of paintings is no exception as they depict the author himself and his wife Bella Rosenfeld. Conceptually, the series shows a couple being in love in three acts: preparation for the fly, its beginning and, consequently, the fly over their hometown.

Despite all the three masterpieces being related to and united by one theme, each of them, in particular, has its own concept. In our collection, we have tried to not only reflect and convey the style of the works but also preserve the message of each of them. Read more about this in the description of the models.

The collection was published with the support of the Comité Marc Chagall © Adagp, Paris.


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